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Lunch & Learn Series 

Interpersonal Dynamics —
Reducing Workplace Conflicts
Speaker Dr. Clair Reynolds Kueny

  • Day: April 29, 2021
  • Time: 12:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m. (CDT)
  • Location: Join via Zoom, Meeting ID: 945 2797 2606

Reducing Workplace Conflict Flyer 2021

Lunch & Learn Presentation

Have you been a witness to or been the target of negative interpersonal situations at work?

Personal exchanges at work should be positive, but too often we see negative interpersonal dynamics in the workplace as well. These unfortunate interactions might take the form of bullying, interpersonal conflict, or social undermining. Dr. Clair Kueny will present a practical overview on how to identify these negative behaviors, as well as a look at the research on the impact these negative exchanges have on employees (and by extension, the organization), and evidence-based guidance on how employees, leaders, and organizations can address and reduce these behaviors at work.

About Your Speaker

Dr. Kueny earned a BS in Psychology and Political Science with a minor in Statistics from Truman State University. She then went on to graduate school at Saint Louis University where she earned an MS and a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology with a concentration in Quantitative Methods in Behavioral Science. She joined the Psychological Science department as an assistant professor in August 2016. As of August 2020, she also serves as the Assistant Chair of Graduate Programs in the department, including the Program Director for the I-O graduate program (including MS and certificate degrees). She currently teaches Intro to I-O Psychology, Organizational Change & Development, and Employee Affect & Behavior at the graduate level and Organizational Psychology and Personality Theory at the undergraduate level. Dr. Kueny’s research interests focus on employee discretionary behaviors including initiative, citizenship behaviors, and counterproductive work behaviors, and the unintended consequences of these behaviors.